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Adding outdoor lighting to your garden and outdoor décor can bring a new level of visual artistry to your landscape. At Illumascape Lighting, we understand the importance of creating an outdoor space that is not only functional but also visually appealing. By adding lighting to your home’s walkways, gardens, statues, arbors, and other outdoor features, we can help you create a unique and captivating outdoor environment. Our lighting techniques allow us to highlight the artistic beauty of your landscape areas by illuminating your property and creating interesting shadows or silhouettes.

The use of architectural and landscape lighting allows you to enjoy your outdoor spaces for longer periods of time, extending your use of your outdoor living areas. By bringing day into night, you can see, feel, and appreciate your garden, statues, rocks, or other backyard staples adding to your enjoyment of your property.

Outdoor Lighting, Hampden MA
Uplighting, Belchertown, MA
Garden Lighting, Stafford, CT
Outdoor Lighting, Landscape Lighting, Hampden, MA
Granby CT, Garden Lighting
Feature Lighting, East Longmeadow MA
Sheffield, MA, Uplighting, Landscape Lighting
Landscape Lighting, Whethersfield, CT
Garden Lighting, Outdoor Lighting, Amherst, MA
South Hadley, MA, Garden Lighting, Uplighting, Landscape Lighting
Tree Uplighting, Rockland CT
Landscape Lighting, Uplighting, Glastonbury, CT
Tree Lighting, Enfield, CT
Tree Lighting, Pittsfield, MA
Hampden, MA, Walkway Lighting
Garden Lighting, Palmer, MA
Landscape Up-lighting
Silhouette Lighting, Richmond MA, Outdoor Lighting
Water Feature Lighting, Somers CT

Illumascape is your trusted landscape lighting expert, serving Western Massachusetts and Northern Connecticut.