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Landscape Lighting Services in Western Mass

Our Landscape Lighting objective is to meet your outdoor lighting needs by addressing the aesthetic, the safety, and the security of your business or your home, and the surrounding property. Our personnel have been trained in class and in the field by the manufacturers that know how quality landscape lighting should be installed. Add to that years of experience and quality products and we can offer ensure you years of a problem free operation.

entrance lighting, Suffield, CT

Properly done landscape lighting has two essential considerations: The quality of the lighting manufacturers components being installed and the knowledge, experience, and, training of the individual doing the installation. Illumascape Lighting’s secondary service is the ongoing maintenance of lighting systems. All outdoor lighting owners must understand the exposure of lights to the environment in which they exist, twenty-four hours a day, seven days per week. Under these extremes of nature, lighting is constantly subjected to varying temperatures and in New England, all sorts of moisture conditions, with moisture being the primary cause of the cable and wiring connection problems in the outdoor environment.

Outdoor lighting maintenance in western ma

This mechanical equipment has to be checked periodically to ensure proper operation and to ensure lighting consistency year round. Illumascape lighting provides this service and checks the lighting equipment, cable and wire connecting points, sealed enclosure and lenses, and proper operation to transform and it controls devices. Should minor problems be detected corrective action is then taken with the prevention of future problems. Lighting systems can and do operate trouble free, day in and day out all year round, with the concern and understanding of the owner and a periodic check by a qualified lighting technician. Contact us today for more information.