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4 Reasons You Need Outdoor Lighting for New England Winters

Don’t get us wrong; outdoor landscaping lighting is essential all year. However, we live in New England, which means that, as winter rears its head, we settle in for months and months of short days and long nights.

Whether it’s for a business or a home, outdoor lighting is essential for several reasons. Do you need convincing? We’ve compiled 4 of the biggest reasons you need professional outdoor lighting!

It’s Already Dark Before You Get Home from Work

Daylight Savings has come and gone. Plus, our side of the Earth is moving further and further from the sun, giving us incrementally shorter days. Not only is it a bummer to arrive home from a hard day’s work in complete darkness, but it’s also totally unsafe to do so if your property isn’t well lit.

The same can be said about your business. You don’t want employees to leave the office in darkness. Outdoor lighting is essential in lighting these spaces, especially in the face of winter’s shortened days.

Longer Nights Means You Need a “Night Mode” For Your Landscaping

Any homeowner or business owner should have some pride in their landscaping. Unfortunately, most of the emphasis we put on our exterior is on what it looks like during the day. In the winter, you have less of an opportunity to show it off thanks to the short days.

Landscape lighting isn’t just functional; it can be creative and beautiful! A well-lit landscape, especially one that is designed and installed by professionals, can look just as great at night as it does in the day. It could even look better!

Timed Lighting Means Your Outdoor Lighting is Smarter

Many environmentally-conscious people are hesitant to invest in outdoor lighting beyond a few of those solar-powered lanterns you can stick into the ground. However, we have a bunch of products that offer sophisticated timing features, as well as light detection, so your landscaping will only glow beautifully when it needs it!

Beyond that, we offer LED and low-voltage lighting options, so when your lights are on, they aren’t using that much power in the first place. Gone are the days of hot, energy-eating bulbs that constantly need to be replaced and rely on you remembering to switch them on or off. With us, you can have an outdoor lighting strategy that pretty much works by itself.

A Dark or Dimly Lit Property isn’t as Safe

Parameter lighting isn’t just beautiful and functional; it can be an important component to the security of your home or commercial property. When it’s dark at 4:30 pm, it’s more important than ever to illuminate your surroundings. Vandals and criminals will typically choose the house or business that is shrouded in darkness; it lets them work without detection!

A properly lit exterior deters crimes of opportunity by keeping your space illuminated, allowing neighbors and passersby to easily see what, if anything, is going on. It also offers you peace of mind by giving you an easy way to inspect your property.

Functional, Beautiful, & Safe

No, you don’t have to pick just one. With professionally-installed outdoor lighting, you can have it all. A functional space that keeps your home or business lit in the waning light of winter, a beautifully illuminated space, and one that deters opportunistic crime. What more could you want?

Give us a call today and let’s schedule a consultation. We’ll listen to your ideas and work with you to design a lighting plan that fits your property and makes you happy!