Frequently Asked Questions

What is landscape lighting?
Landscape and architectural lighting is the permanent placement of lighting fixtures in the outdoor environment. The intent is to highlight the form, texture and definition of landscape plantings as well as enhancing the architectural features of your home or building. The objective is extending the nighttime hours by creating an opportunity for enjoyment long after the sun has set.
How will it benefit my property?
In the greens industry landscape lighting is used to showcase your home and property for both aesthetics and functional use. A single light, or many lights, properly done will not only enhance the aesthetics of your home and landscape but will provide safety and security of any location into the nighttime hours by illuminating walkways, allowing for safe passage and discouraging potential intruders.
What type of lighting is appropriate for my property or home?
Architectural and landscape lighting is normally done with low voltage fixtures installed at various locations around the home and property. It works in combination with a transformer that reduces line voltage (120 volts) to low voltage (12 volts). Low voltage direct burial wire is run in-ground from the transformer location to the various grouping of fixtures in and around the property. Various types of fixtures are available that wash the side of a house, graze a textured surface, illuminate steps, walkways and pathways, shadow trees or shrubs, and silhouette plants. Our lighting designer's extensive knowledge of lighting products and systems will work with your in selecting the most appropriate lighting fixtures to meet your needs, as well as to meet your budget.
How do I contact you for an estimate on my home and landscape needs?
Contacting Illumascape through our web-site location or a direct call is the initial step. Our designer will then call you to schedule a convenient time to meet with you. At that time he will review the features of your home and property and review with you your desires and needs. The designer would then detail a site plan showing the location of the transformer, wiring, and approximate light fixtures locations. An appointment is then scheduled to set up a temporary lighting demonstration at your home/property that would be left for a few days for your nighttime viewing. It is often best to meet with the designer at that time while the lighting demonstration is in place to make any necessary fixture movements and/or changes so that you will have an understanding of the finished appearance. The designer will guide you in the selection of the most appropriate lighting solutions to meet your needs and your budget. The actual cost will then be based on the number of light fixtures, type of fixtures, and transformer recommended by the designer and selected by the homeowner or property owner.